First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will set out Scotland’s internationally leading approach to inclusive growth, in a speech at the University of Glasgow on Friday 20th October.

Scotland’s Inclusive Growth Conference brings together speakers and delegates from international organisations, foreign governments, local authorities and academia to discuss Scotland’s progress and what Scotland can learn from other countries and international experience.

The First Minister said:

“Scotland needs to use our vast potential to become a more productive economy. But we also need to become a fairer and more equal society.  These two challenges are inter-connected. 

Our revised economic strategy and our Programme for Government has inclusive growth at its heart. What that means is key social policies – such as our expansion of childcare and our work to raise attainment in schools – have a significant economic impact.

That is why we are focussing on fair work, encouraging employers to boost productivity by investing in their workplace and paying the living wage.”

During the conference the First Minister announced that the consultancy and engineering firm Dougal Baillie Associates has become the 400th company to sign up to the Scottish Business Pledge.

“The Scottish Business Pledge celebrates companies which voluntarily agree to progressive business practices – employing young people, promoting gender equality and paying the living wage.

I’m delighted Dougall Baillie Associates has become the 400th company to sign the pledge.”

Norman MacLean, Director of Dougall Baillie Associates, said:

“For Dougall Baillie Associates, the Scottish Business Pledge is a statement of what we really believe in. The success of our company is driven by our employees – they are at the heart of our business and future.  Making this pledge will allow us to demonstrate our commitment to them.

We understand the importance of the investment and development of youth in Scotland as young people are the future. We are committed to providing opportunities of employment, as we recruit from school leavers to undergraduates, offering real work experience.”

Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance said:

“I am delighted to welcome Dougall Baillie Associates to the Living Wage Employer movement in Scotland. The real Living Wage is one of the most effective means we have of tackling in-work poverty, and Living Wage accreditation is the mark of a responsible employer.

With more than half of children in poverty in Scotland living in a household where someone works, paying a real Living Wage that reflects the cost of living has never been more important.

I congratulate Dougall Baillie Associates on their accreditation and I hope more organisations in Scotland will follow their lead by getting in touch with us”.

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